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Evisceration of the small bowel through a perforated and prolapsed sigmoid colon: an unusual presentation of rectal prolapse

Spontaneous prolapse of the sigmoid colon and evisceration of the small bowel through a rupture in the rectosigmoid is a rare presentation. We report a case of a 60-year-old man presenting with massive small bowel evisceration through a perforation in a prolapsed sigmoid colon. The patient had a 2-year history of rectal prolapse. He was also incontinent for flatus and liquid stool. There was no other significant medical history. After reduction of the small intestine, a large perforation was seen in the prolapsed sigmoid colon. The sigmoid colon was identified by presence of appendices epiploicae and taeniae coli. After initial resuscitation, an emergency laparotomy was performed. The perforated sigmoid colon was resected and a Hartmann's colostomy was created. This resulted in complete recovery. Reversal of the Hartmann's colostomy was performed after 6 weeks.
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BMJ case reports, 15 April 2016, Vol.2016, pp.10.1136/bcr-2016-214811
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