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    Multi-strange baryon correlations at RHIC

    Abelev, Betty I.
    Cornell University
    Title: Multi-strange baryon correlations at RHIC
    Author: Abelev, Betty I.
    Subject: Nuclear Experiment
    Description: Multi-strange baryon azimuthal correlations were observed in d+Au and Au+Au data taken by the STAR detector at RHIC. We extract the same-side per-trigger yields for a variety of strange particle species and trigger pt, but do not observe any species dependence. We also report the observation of an elongation in the Delta-eta; direction of the Xi correlation peak, the ridge. Comparing the same-side yields in d+Au and Au+Au data, we conclude that the same-side yield of the azimuthal-only Xi correlations is greatly enhanced by the ridge yield. We also report the first observation of a strong same-side peak in the Omega baryon triggered azimuthal correlations. Comment: 8 pages, 4 figures
    Identifier: 0705.3371 (ARXIV ID)