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    A switchable self-assembling and disassembling chiral system based on a porphyrin-substituted phenylalanine–phenylalanine motif

    Charalambidis, Georgios, Georgilis, Evangelos, Panda, Manas K, Anson, Christopher E, Powell, Annie K, Doyle, Stephen, Moss, David, Jochum, Tobias, Horton, Peter N, Coles, Simon J, Linares, Mathieu, Beljonne, David, Naubron, Jean-Valère, Conradt, Jonas, Kalt, Heinz, Mitraki, Anna, Coutsolelos, Athanassios G, Balaban, Teodor Silviu
    Nature communications, 2016, Vol.7 [Peer Reviewed Journal]