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    • Several versions

    Synthesis and Characterization of a Heterometallic Extended Architecture Based on a Manganese(II)-Substituted Sandwich-Type Polyoxotungstate

    Ibrahim, Masooma, Moreno-Pineda, Eufemio, Bergfeldt, Thomas, Anson, Christopher E, Powell, Annie K
    Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 17 January 2018, Vol.11(1) [Peer Reviewed Journal]

    • Several versions

    Synthesis, Characterization, Electrochemistry, Photoluminescence and Magnetic Properties of a Dinuclear Erbium(III)-Containing Monolacunary Dawson-Type Tungstophosphate: {Er(HO)(CHCOO)(PWO)}

    Ibrahim, Masooma, Baksi, Ananya, Peng, Yan, Al-Zeidaneen, Firas Khalil, Mbomekallé, Israël M, De Oliveira, Pedro, Anson, Christopher E
    Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 15 September 2020, Vol.25(18) [Peer Reviewed Journal]