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    The hepatitis B virus x protein inhibits thymine DNA glycosylase initiated base excision repair

    Maarten A A van de Klundert, Formijn J van Hemert, Hans L Zaaijer, Neeltje A Kootstra
    PloS one, 01 January 2012, Vol.7(11), p.e48940 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Protein X of hepatitis B virus: origin and structure similarity with the central domain of DNA glycosylase

    Formijn J van Hemert, Maarten A A van de Klundert, Vladimir V Lukashov, Neeltje A Kootstra, Ben Berkhout, Hans L Zaaijer
    PloS one, 01 January 2011, Vol.6(8), p.e23392 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Applicability of Metal Nanoparticles in the Detection and Monitoring of Hepatitis B Virus Infection

    Maxim Shevtsov, Lili Zhao, Ulrike Protzer, Maarten A. A. van de Klundert
    Viruses, 01 July 2017, Vol.9(7), p.193 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Hepatitis B Virus Protein X Induces Degradation of Talin-1

    Maarten A. A. van de Klundert, Maartje van Den Biggelaar, Neeltje A. Kootstra, Hans L. Zaaijer
    Viruses, 01 October 2016, Vol.8(10), p.281 [Peer Reviewed Journal]