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    Toward a Cure for Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Combination Therapy Involving Viral Suppression and Immune Modulation and Long-term Outcome

    Wu, Di, Ning, Qin
    The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2017, Vol. 216(suppl8), pp.S771-S777 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Combined Adenovirus-Mediated Artificial microRNAs Targeting mfgl2, mFas, and mTNFR1 Protect against Fulminant Hepatic Failure in Mice (Virus-Mediated miRNA Treatment of Hepatic Failure)

    Xi, Dong, Wang, Ming, Ye, Huali, Luo, Xiaoping, Ning, Qin
    2013, Vol.8(11), p.e82330 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Immune mediated liver failure

    Wang, Xiaojing, Ning, Qin
    EXCLI journal, 2014, Vol.13, pp.1131-44 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
    MEDLINE/PubMed (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
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    Effects of Targeted Suppression of Glutaryl-CoA Dehydrogenase by Lentivirus-Mediated shRNA and Excessive Intake of Lysine on Apoptosis in Rat Striatal Neurons

    Gao, Jinzhi, Zhang, Cai, Fu, Xi, Yi, Qin, Tian, Fengyan, Ning, Qin, Luo, Xiaoping
    PLoS ONE, 2013, Vol.8(5) [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    The Hippo/MST Pathway Member SAV1 Plays a Suppressive Role in Development of the Prehierarchical Follicles in Hen Ovary

    Zhichao Lyu, Ning Qin, Thobela Louis Tyasi, Hongyan Zhu, Dehui Liu, Shuguo Yuan, Rifu Xu
    PloS one, 01 January 2016, Vol.11(8), p.e0160896 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Mechanistic Effects of Amino Acids and Glucose in a Novel Glutaric Aciduria Type 1 Cell Model

    Fu, Xi, Gao, Hongjie, Tian, Fengyan, Gao, Jinzhi, Lou, Liping, Liang, Yan, Ning, Qin, Luo, Xiaoping
    PLoS ONE, 2014, Vol.9(10) [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Inhibition of Hepatitis B Virus and Induction of Hepatoma Cell Apoptosis by ASGPR-Directed Delivery of shRNAs (Targeted shRNAs for HBV Infection and Hepatoma)

    Ma, Jingwei, Huang, Chunmei, Yao, Xinxin, Shi, Chuan, Sun, Lifang, Yuan, Lu, Lei, Ping, Zhu, Huifen, Liu, Hongbo, Wu, Xiongwen, Ning, Qin, Zhou, Chun, Shen, Guanxin
    2012, Vol.7(10), p.e46096 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Progress in immunotherapy and molecular therapy for liver failure

    XI Dong, Ning Qin
    Linchuang gandanbing zazhi, 01 September 2015, Vol.31(9), pp.1369-1371 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
    Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
    Title: Progress in immunotherapy and molecular therapy for liver failure
    Author: XI Dong; Ning Qin
    Subject: Liver Failure; Molecular Therapy; Immunotherapy; Editorial ; Medicine
    Description: Liver failure is a complex process involving many factors. The molecular therapy targeting the cytokines and receptors associated with liver failure has become the research hotspots in recent years. Immunotherapy for liver failure includes promoting the regeneration of hepatocytes and immunoregulation by thymosin, and the combination of immunomodulatory therapy with traditional therapy is widely applied in clinical treatment. Research on the animal model of liver failure suggested that importing ARC protein or hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 protected hepatocytes and promoted the recovery of their function. Block therapy against liver failure-related molecules (fibrinogen-like protein 2, apoptosis-related molecules, transforming growth factor β, osteopontin, nuclear factor-κB, and Toll-like receptors, etc.) successfully cured the animal model of liver failure. The research on molecular therapy offers a new way for treatment of liver failure, but it is still in the stage of laboratory...
    Is part of: Linchuang gandanbing zazhi, 01 September 2015, Vol.31(9), pp.1369-1371
    Identifier: 1001-5256 (ISSN); 1001-5256 (E-ISSN); 10.3969/j.issn.1001-5256.2015.09.001 (DOI)

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    Increased Cord Blood Betatrophin Levels in the Offspring of Mothers with Gestational Diabetes

    Xie, Xuemei, Gao, Hongjie, Wu, Shimin, Zhao, Yue, Du, Caiqi, Yuan, Guandou, Ning, Qin, Mccormick, Kenneth, Luo, Xiaoping
    PLoS ONE, 2016, Vol.11(5) [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    Targeting cadherin-17 inactivates Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK signaling and inhibits cell proliferation in gastric cancer

    Zhaohu Lin, Chao Zhang, Meifang Zhang, Danqing Xu, Yanfen Fang, Zheng Zhou, Xiaolong Chen, Ning Qin, Xiongwen Zhang
    PloS one, 01 January 2014, Vol.9(1), p.e85296 [Peer Reviewed Journal]