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    Trajectory Mining Using Uncertain Sensor Data

    Muzammal, Muhammad, Gohar, Moneeb, Rahman, Arif Ur, Qu, Qiang, Ahmad, Awais, Jeon, Gwanggil
    IEEE Access, 2018, Vol.6, pp.4895-4903 [Peer Reviewed Journal]

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    A Multiple Criteria Approach for Negotiating Ecosystem Services Supply Targets and Forest Owners' Programs

    Borges, José G, Marques, Susete, Garcia - Gonzalo, Jordi, Rahman, Arif Ur, Bushenkov, Vladimir, Sottomayor, Miguel, Carvalho, Pedro O, Nordström, Eva - Maria
    Forest Science, 2017, Vol. 63(1), pp.49-61 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
    Oxford University Press
    Title: A Multiple Criteria Approach for Negotiating Ecosystem Services Supply Targets and Forest Owners' Programs
    Author: Borges, José G; Marques, Susete; Garcia - Gonzalo, Jordi; Rahman, Arif Ur; Bushenkov, Vladimir; Sottomayor, Miguel; Carvalho, Pedro O; Nordström, Eva - Maria
    Subject: Multiple Criteria Decision Methods ; Group Decisionmaking ; Land Tenure ; Ecosystem Services ; Collaborative Planning ; Forest Owners ; Forest Management Programs
    Description: Land tenure heterogeneity may be an obstacle to forested landscape-level management planning and the provision of ecosystem services. This research focused on the potential of combining participatory workshops and multiple criteria decision methods (MCDMs) to support the development and negotiation of targets for the supply of ecosystem services and help design the management plan needed to meet those targets. We describe an application to two forested landscapes with several ownership types in Portugal. The approach encompassed the design of two workshops involving more than 40 stakeholders (forests owners, the forest service, the forest industry, local municipalities and other nongovernmental organizations). The list of ecosystem services included carbon stocks, cork, pine cones, and forest inventory at the end of the planning horizon as well as volume flows from a range of forest species. Results demonstrated the potential of MCDM tools to help individual forest stakeholders set and adjust ecosystem services target levels. They further demonstrated the potential of MCDMs to facilitate the negotiation of these targets by the stakeholders and the reaching of meaningful solutions. Finally, they demonstrated that these tools provide valuable information to combine the negotiations of both targets and behaviors and programs needed to attain them.
    Is part of: Forest Science, 2017, Vol. 63(1), pp.49-61
    Identifier: 0015-749X (ISSN); 1938-3738 (E-ISSN); 10.5849/FS-2016-035 (DOI)

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    News Recommendation Systems - Accomplishments, Challenges & Future Directions

    Feng, Chong, Khan, Muzammil, Rahman, Arif Ur, Ahmad, Arshad
    IEEE access, 2020, Vol.8, pp.16702-16725 [Peer Reviewed Journal]
    IEEE Conference Publications, IEEE Journals & Magazines , IEEE Xplore, IEEE Journals & Magazines
    Title: News Recommendation Systems - Accomplishments, Challenges & Future Directions
    Author: Feng, Chong; Khan, Muzammil; Rahman, Arif Ur; Ahmad, Arshad
    Subject: Object Recognition ; Bibliographies ; Data Collection ; Quality Assessment ; Collaboration ; Computer Science ; Recommendations ; News Recommendations ; Literature Review ; Recommendation Techniques ; News Recommendation Overview ; Engineering ; Computer Science
    Description: News publishers have decreased disseminating news through conventional newspapers and have migrated to the use of digital means like websites and purpose-built mobile applications. It is observed that news recommendation systems can automatically process lengthy articles and identify similar articles for readers considering predefined criteria. The objectives of the current work are to identify and classify the challenges in news recommendation domain, to identify state-of-the-art approaches and classify on the application domain, to identify datasets used for evaluation and their sources, the evaluation approaches used and to highlight the challenges explicitly addressed. The literature is thoroughly studied over the time span of 2001-2019 and shortlisted 81 related studies, broadly classified into six categories and discussed. The analysis showed that 60% of news recommendation system adopted a hybrid approach, 66% studies little talk about datasets, and addresses a few challenges...
    Is part of: IEEE access, 2020, Vol.8, pp.16702-16725
    Identifier: 2169-3536 (E-ISSN); 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.2967792 (DOI)

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    An Analysis of DDoS Attacks on the Instant Messengers

    Faisal, Mohammad, Abbas, Sohail, Rahman, Haseeb Ur, Khan, Muhammad Zahid, Rahman, Arif Ur
    Security and Communication Networks, 2019, Vol.2019, 8 pages [Peer Reviewed Journal]