What is Explore ?

Explore is a search interface implemented by RERO. It enables users to search in only one operation documents from various sources:

What is RERO ?

Acronym of "Reseau Romand", RERO is the network of the libraries of Western Switzerland. It strives toward a mission of public service and for this reason consists of an instrument of documentary politics, supported by political, academical and cultural authorities of Western Switzerland.

To this day RERO brings together the majority of the university, patrimonial, public and specialised libraries from the cantons of Geneva, Fribourg, Jura, Neuchâtel and Valais as well as the law libraries of the Confederation, including the Federal Courts, divided across 5 institutions.

RERO in numbers

  • 180 libraries spread across 5 institutions (or sites)
  • Swiss higher education institutions:
    • 3 academic universities (Geneva, Fribourg and Neuchâtel)
    • University of applied science and arts (HES-SO)
    • Universities of Teacher Education
  • 289'000 registered users
  • A collective catalogue with 6.8 million references
  • New system as of 12 July 2021

    New address bib.rero.ch as of 12 July 2021
    ⚠️ Services on hold (loans, returns, requests) in all libraries between Thursday 08.07 (17:00) and Sunday 11.07. More info...

  • Library Lycée-Collège des Creusets

    Due to construction, the library will be closed from May 21th to August 31th 2021.

  • Covid-19

    Libraries are open in compliance with the health measures (in french) in force. Please check your library's website for more information.