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Discourses of endangerment : ideology and interest in the defence of languages / ed. by Alexandre Duchene and Monica Heller

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Discourses of endangerment : ideology and interest in the defence of languages / ed. by Alexandre Duchene and Monica Heller
London : Continuum
290 p.
Advances in sociolinguistics
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1. Discourses of endangerment: Sociolinguistics, globalization and social order / Monica Heller, Alexandre Duchêne. 2. Defending diversity: Staking out a common global interest? / Shaylih Muehlmann. 3. Indigenous language endangerment and the unfinished business of nation states / Donna Patrick. 4. Discourses of endangerment: Contexts and consequences of essentializing discourses / Alexandra Jaffe. 5. Who wants to save "le patois d'Évolène"? / Raphaël Maître, Marinette Matthey. 6. Français, acadien, acadjonne: Competing discourses on language preservation along the shores of the Baie Sainte-Marie / Annette Boudreau, Lise Dubois. 7. The future of Catalan: Language endangerment and nationalist discourses in Catalonia / Joan Pujolar. 8. Language endangerment, war and peace in Ireland and Northern Ireland / Tony Crowley. 9. Voices of endangerment: A language ideological debate on the Swedish language / Tommaso M. Milani. 10. Defending English in an English-dominant world: The Ideology of the "Official English" movement in the United States / Ronald Schmidt, Sr. 11. Protecting French: The view from France / Claudine Moïse. 12. Embracing diversity for the sake of unity: Linguistic hegemony and the pursuit of total Spanish / José del Valle. 13. Language endangerment and verbal hygiene: History, morality and politics / Deborah Cameron.
4e de couv.: Current academic discussions and public debates about language frequently focus on the importance of defending languages against various kinds of dangers. Many of these current debates attach great importance to linguistic diversity. The debates focus on defending institutionalized languages against multilingualism, or conversely defending minority languages against the incursion of larger ones, especially the spread of English. In both cases, languages are constructed as autonomous wholes, held to need defending against attack. This book challenges such a view of language, to argue that the discussions in question are not in fact about language itself. The internationally renowned contributors claim that we are witnessing ideological struggles which are taking place on the terrain of language. Discourses of Endangerment addresses such questions as: * What does language represent in discussions of multilingualism? * Why is it constituted as an organic whole?* In whose interest does it lie to construct language in this way?* Who has an interest in taking various positions for or against official languages?* In what way is the linguistic order tied to the social order? The book addresses these issues through a set of case studies which locate the terms of the discussion in broad discourses of language, identity and power. Covering a wide-range of languages including Catalan, Swedish, Corsican, Ukrainian and French, from different sociolinguistic perspectives, this book is essential reading for students and academics interested in language endangerment and sociolinguistics.
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