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Mechanisms of life history evolution : the genetics and physiology of life history traits and trade-offs / edited by Thomas Flatt ... [et al.]…

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Mechanisms of life history evolution : the genetics and physiology of life history traits and trade-offs / edited by Thomas Flatt ... [et al.]
Oxford : Oxford University Press
xxv, 478 p. : ill.
Oxford biology
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Evolution and mechanisms of insect reproductive diapause, a plastic and pleiotropic life history syndrome / Paul S. Schmidt -- Seasonal polyphenisms and environmentally-induced plasticity in the lepidoptera - the coordinated evolution of many traits on multiple levels / Paul M. Brakefield and Bas J. Zwaan -- Honey bee life history plasticity - development, behavior, and aging / Brenda Rascón... [et al.] -- Molecular mechanisms of life history trade-offs and the evolution of multicellular complexity in volvocalean green algae / Aurora M. Nedelcu and Richard E. Michod -- Molecular basis of life history regulation in C. elegans and other organisms / Birgit Gerisch and Adam Antebi -- The costs of immunity and the evolution of immunological defense mechanisms / Kurt A. McKean and Brian P. Lazzaro --
Integrating mechanistic and evolutionary analysis of life history variation / Christian Braendle, Andreas Heyland, and Thomas Flatt -- Genomic insights into life history evolution / Derek A. Roff -- Emerging patterns in the regulation and evolution of marine invertebrate settlement and metamorphosis / Andreas Heyland, Adam M. Reitzel, and Sandie Degnan -- Evolution and the regulation of growth and body size / Alexander W. Shingleton -- The genetic and endocrine basis for the evolution of metamorphosis in insects / Deniz F. Erezylimaz -- Thyroidal regulation of life history transitions in fish / Richard G. Manzon -- Hormone regulation and the evolution of frog metamorphic diversity / Daniel Buchholz... [et al.] -- Asexual reproduction in cnidaria: comparative developmental processes and candidate mechanisms / Adam M. Reitzel, Derek Stefanik, and John R. Finnerty -- The genetics and evolution of flowering time variation in plants: identifying genes that control a key life history transition / Joshua A. Banta and Michael D. Purugganan --
Intermediary metabolism and the biochemical-molecular basis of life history variation and trade-offs in two insect models / Anthony J. Zera and Lawrence G. Harshman -- Epistatic social and endocrine networks and the evolution of life history trade-offs and plasticity / Lesley T. Lancaster and Barry Sinervo -- Hormonally-regulated trade-offs: evolutionary variability and phenotypic plasticity in testosterone signaling pathways / Michaela Hau and John C. Wingfield -- Does impressive progress on understanding mechanisms advance life history theory? / Stephen C. Stearns -- What mechanistic insights can or cannot contribute to life history evolution - an exchange between Stearns, Heyland, and Flatt / Thomas Flatt, Andreas Heyland, and Stephen C. Stearns
Mechanisms of nutrient dependent reproduction in dipteran insects / Alan O. Bergland -- Mechanisms underlying reproductive trade-offs: costs of reproduction / Dominic A. Edward and Tracey Chapman -- Patterns and processes of human life history evolution / Michael P. Muehlenbein and Mark V. Flinn -- Parallels in understanding the endocrine control of lifespan with the firebug pyrrhocoris apterus and the fruit fly drosophila melanogaster / Magdalena Hodkova and Marc Tatar -- The genetics of dietary modulation of lifespan / Johannes H. Bauer and Stephen L. Helfand -- Molecular stress pathways and the evolution of life histories in reptiles / Tonia S. Schwartz and Anne M. Bronikowski -- Mechanisms of aging in human populations / Maris Kuningas and Rudi G.J. Westendorp -- Mechanisms underlying feeding-structure plasticity in echinoderm larvae / Benjamin G. Miner --
Index - Bibliogr.: p. 380-468
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