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Christianity in the twentieth century : a world history / Brian Stanley

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Christianity in the twentieth century : a world history / Brian Stanley
Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press
xxi, 477 pages : maps ; 25 cm
The Princeton history of Christianity
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Chapter 1. Wars and rumors of wars: the response of British and American churches to the First World War. The global religious legacy of the First World War ; The British churches: the religious legacy of the First World War ; Fighting for the faith: American fundamentalism between the wars ; Divergent Christian responses -- Chapter 2. Holy nations? Uneasy marriages between Christianity and nationalism. Christianity and the diffusion of nationalism ; Protestant nationalism in Korea: Christianity, anticolonialism, and national identity ; Catholic nationalism in Poland: Mary as the queen of a dismembered nation ; Christianity and nationalism: uneasy bedfellows -- Chapter 3. The power of the word and prophecy: pathways of conversion in Africa and the Pacific. The "Great Century" of conversion to Christianity ; Three West African prophet movements ; Conversion and revival movements in Melanesia ; The ambiguous power of the word -- Chapter 4. Making war on the Saints: the Church under siege in France and the Soviet Union. Varieties of the secular ; The Catholic Church, the State, and religious practice in secular France ; Orthodox and Protestant churches in the Soviet Union ; The impotence of the secular state -- Chapter 5. Contrasting patterns of belonging and believing: Scandinavia and the United States. Who is the exceptional case? ; Scandinavia: belonging without much believing ; The United States: changing patterns of belonging and believing ; Marriages of the religious and the secular -- Chapter 6. Is Christ divided? : the ecumenical movement and its converse. Was the twentieth century the ecumenical century? ; Church union and disunion in the Indian subcontinent ; Christian unity and disunity in Republican and Communist China ; The failure and success of the ecumenical movement -- Chapter 7. The voice of your brother's blood: Christianity, ethnic hatred, and genocide in Nazi Germany and Rwanda. Theories of race and vocabularies of ethnic hostility ; Race and religion in Nazi Germany ; The Church and ethnic conflict in Rwanda ; Christian prophecy and its failures -- Chapater 8. Aliens in a strange land? Living in an Islamic context in Egypt and Indonesia. Christianity and religious plurality ; Coptic Christianity in Egypt ; the Church in Indonesia ; The politics of Christian survival -- Chaper 9. That the world may believe: Christian mission to the modern world. From "making Jesus King" to the Missio Dei ; Reconceiving the Catholic Church and its mission: the Second Vatican Council, 1962-65 ; Reconceiving Protestant missions: the Uppsala Assembly of 1968 and the Lausanne Congress of 1974 ; Mission in a postcolonial age -- Chapter 10. Good news to the poor? Theologies of liberation in Latin America and Palestine. The priority of praxis ; The origins of Latin American liberation theology ; Palestine: searching for liberation without exodus ; The God who acts -- Chapter 11. Doing justice in South Africa and Canada: the humans rights agenda, race, and indigenous peoples. The Churches and human rights ideology ; Apartheid and the Churches ; The Canadian Churches and the residential schools ; From civilization to human rights -- Chapter 12. A noise of war in the camp: human rights, gender, and sexuality. Egalitarianism and Christian tradition ; The ordination of women in Australian Anglicanism ; Debates over gay rights in the American Churches ; Christian culture wars -- Chapter 13. The Spirit and the spirits: global Pentecostal Christianities. The new Pentecost ; Pentecostal Christianities in Ghana ; Pentecostalism in Brazil ; The religious chameleon -- Chapter 14. The Eastern Orthodox Church and the modern world. The westward diffusion of Eastern Orthodoxy in the twentieth century ; Orthodoxy in Greece and Turkey: ethnic cleansing, nationalism, and the Holy Mountain of Athos ; New strands of Orthodoxy in twentieth-century Africa ; Tradition and change in the Orthodox world -- Chapter 15. Migrant churches. Migration and the making of world Christianity ; The black exodus from the American South and Jamaica ; Chinese migrant churches: trans-Pacific connections ; Migration and the reshaping of Christianity in the West
"Christianity in the Twentieth Century charts the transformation of one of the world's great religions during an age marked by world wars, genocide, nationalism, decolonization, and powerful ideological currents, many of them hostile to Christianity. Written by a leading scholar of world Christianity, the book traces how Christianity evolved from a religion defined by the culture and politics of Europe to the expanding polycentric and multicultural faith it is today--one whose growing popular support is strongest in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, China, and other parts of Asia."--Dust jacket
Includes bibliographical references (pages 429-469) and index
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