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    Quantenverschränkung verhilft zur sicheren Datenvernetzung

    Bachor, Hans‐A., Armstrong, Seiji
    Physik in unserer Zeit, May 2015, Vol.46(3), pp.113-114 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    A guide to experiments in quantum optics

    Bachor, Hans-A
    Weinheim [etc.] : Wiley-VCH
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    Titre: A guide to experiments in quantum optics / Hans-A. Bachor
    Auteur: Bachor, Hans-A
    Editeur: Weinheim [etc.] : Wiley-VCH
    Date: [1998]
    Collation: XI, 369 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
    Note: Bibliogr
    Classification: LC QC446.2
    Identifiant: 3527292985 (ISBN)
    No RERO: R249926360

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    Simultaneous transfer of linear and orbital angular momentum to multiple low-index particles

    Daria, Vincent Ricardo, Go, Mary Ann, Bachor, Hans-A
    Journal of Optics, 2011, Vol.13(4), p.044004 (7pp) [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    IOPscience (IOP Publishing)
    Titre: Simultaneous transfer of linear and orbital angular momentum to multiple low-index particles
    Auteur: Daria, Vincent Ricardo; Go, Mary Ann; Bachor, Hans-A
    Description: We demonstrate simultaneous transfer of linear and orbital angular momentum (OAM) to hollow glass microbeads using a dynamic array of optical vortices. Previous reports have shown that the transfer of OAM is due to light scattering which creates a tangential force on a particle and causes it to move on a circular orbit around a vortex. In this paper we describe a case with reduced frictional force, as the low-index particle is pinned to the wall of the sample cell. This results in a more efficient transfer of OAM, which sets a hollow microbead into orbital motion around the optical vortex. We show that the localized OAM carried by each vortex in the array can be independently transferred to one microbead trapped per vortex. Finally, we present novel demonstrations showing simultaneous transfer of both orbital angular and linear momentum to multiple microbeads.
    Fait partie de: Journal of Optics, 2011, Vol.13(4), p.044004 (7pp)
    Identifiant: 2040-8978 (ISSN); 2040-8986 (E-ISSN); 10.1088/2040-8978/13/4/044004 (DOI)

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    Entangling the spatial properties of laser beams

    Wagner, Katherine, Janousek, Jiri, Delaubert, Vincent, Zou, Hongxin, Harb, Charles, Treps, Nicolas, Morizur, Jean François, Lam, Ping Koy, Bachor, Hans A
    Science (New York, N.Y.), 25 July 2008, Vol.321(5888), pp.541-3 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Entangling the Spatial Properties of Laser Beams

    Wagner , Katherine, Janousek , Jiri, Delaubert , Vincent, Zou , Hongxin, Harb , Charles, Treps , Nicolas, Morizur , Jean François, Lam , Ping Koy, Bachor , Hans A.
    Science, 2008, Vol.321(5888), pp.541-543 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    AGRIS (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
    Titre: Entangling the Spatial Properties of Laser Beams
    Auteur: Wagner , Katherine; Janousek , Jiri; Delaubert , Vincent; Zou , Hongxin; Harb , Charles; Treps , Nicolas; Morizur , Jean François; Lam , Ping Koy; Bachor , Hans A.
    Sujet: Laser Beams -- Optical Properties;
    Description: Position and momentum were the first pair of conjugate observables explicitly used to illustrate the intricacy of quantum mechanics. We have extended position and momentum entanglement to bright optical beams. Applications in optical metrology and interferometry require the continuous measurement of laser beams, with the accuracy fundamentally limited by the uncertainty principle. Techniques based on spatial entanglement of the beams could overcome this limit, and high-quality entanglement is required. We report a value of 0.51 for inseparability and 0.62 for the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen criterion, both normalized to a classical limit of 1. These results are a conclusive optical demonstration of macroscopic position and momentum quantum entanglement and also confirm that the resources for spatial multimode protocols are available. ; Includes references ; p. 541-543.
    Fait partie de: Science, 2008, Vol.321(5888), pp.541-543
    Identifiant: 0036-8075 (ISSN)

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    Optimal complex field holographic projection

    Go, Mary Ann, Ng, Ping-Fung, Bachor, Hans A, Daria, Vincent Ricardo
    Optics letters, 15 August 2011, Vol.36(16), pp.3073-5 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    MEDLINE/PubMed (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
    Titre: Optimal complex field holographic projection
    Auteur: Go, Mary Ann; Ng, Ping-Fung; Bachor, Hans A; Daria, Vincent Ricardo
    Sujet: Holography -- Methods
    Description: We describe a technique that uses complex field holograms to project three-dimensional light patterns. Holographic projection commonly uses phase-only encoding since accurately representing complex holograms using both amplitude and phase spatial light modulators reduces the optical throughput significantly. Here, we use a lossless projection via the generalized phase contrast method to produce the necessary amplitude pattern required for complex field holographic projection. We numerically evaluate the technique and demonstrate high optical throughput with reduced undesired high diffraction orders.
    Fait partie de: Optics letters, 15 August 2011, Vol.36(16), pp.3073-5
    Identifiant: 1539-4794 (E-ISSN); 21847164 Version (PMID); 10.1364/OL.36.003073 (DOI)

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    Arbitrary multisite two-photon excitation in four dimensions

    Daria, Vincent Ricardo, Stricker, Christian, Bowman, Richard, Redman, Stephen, Bachor, Hans-A.
    Applied Physics Letters, 31 August 2009, Vol.95(9) [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Simultaneous multi‐site two‐photon photostimulation in three dimensions

    Go, Mary Ann, Stricker, Christian, Redman, Stephen, Bachor, Hans‐A., Daria, Vincent Ricardo
    Journal of Biophotonics, October 2012, Vol.5(10), pp.745-753 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Four-dimensional multi-site photolysis of caged neurotransmitters

    Go, Mary Ann, To, Minh-Son, Stricker, Christian, Redman, Stephen, Bachor, Hans-A, Stuart, Greg J, Daria, Vincent R
    Frontiers in cellular neuroscience, 2013, Vol.7, pp.231 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Targeted pruning of a neuron's dendritic tree via femtosecond laser dendrotomy

    Go, Mary Ann, Choy, Julian Min Chiang, Colibaba, Alexandru Serban, Redman, Stephen, Bachor, Hans-A, Stricker, Christian, Daria, Vincent Ricardo
    Scientific reports, 07 January 2016, Vol.6, pp.19078 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]