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    Geological investigations in East Greenland

    Wager, L.R
    Deer, William Alexander, Kempe, David Ronald Charles
    København : C.A. Reitzels
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    Titre: Geological investigations in East Greenland / by L.R. Wager
    Auteur: Wager, L.R
    Contributeur: Deer, William Alexander; Kempe, David Ronald Charles
    Editeur: København : C.A. Reitzels
    Date: 1934-1976
    Collation: 11 vol. : ill.
    Collection: Meddelelser om Grønland ; Bd. 105/2, 105/3, 105/4, 134/5, 135/1, 137/2, 167/5, 190/2, 190/3, 190/6, 197/4
    Documents dans cette collection: Meddelelser om Grønland
    Contient: Part I: General geology from Angmagsalik to Kap Dalton / by L.R. Wager. - 1934
    Part II: Geology of Kap Dalton / by L.R. Wager. - 1935
    Part III: The petrology of the Skaergaard Intrusion, Kangerdlugssuaq, East Greenland / by L.R. Wager and W.A. Deer. - 1939
    Part IV: The stratigraphy and tectonics of Knud Rasmussens' Land and the Kangerdlugssuaq Region / by L.R. Wager. - 1947
    Part V: The petrography of the Prinsen af Wales Bjerge Lavas / by Y.M. Anwar. - 1955
    Part VI: A differentiated basic Sill enclosed in the Skærgaard Intrusion, East Greenland and related Sills injecting the lavas / by C.J. Hughes
    Part VII: The basistoppen sheet. A differentiated basic Intrusion into the upper part of the Skaergaard complex, East Greenland / by J.A.V. Douglas. - 1964
    Part VIII: The petrology of the Kangerdlugssuaq Alkaline intrusion, East Greenland / by D.R.C. Kempe, W.A. Deer and L.R. Wager. - 1970
    Part IX: The mineralogy of the Kangerdlugssuaq Alkaline intrusion, East Greenland / by D.R.C. Kempe and W.A. Deer. - 1970
    Part X: The Gabbro cumulates of the Kap Edvard Holm lower layered series / by D. Abbott and W.A. Deer. - 1972
    Part XI: The Minor peripheral intrusions, Kangerdlugssuaq, East Greenland / by W.A. Deer and D.R.C. Kempe. - 1976
    Note: En tête de la page de titre: The Scoresby Sound Committee's Second East Greenland Expedition in 1932 to King Christian IX.s Land. Leader: Ejnar Mikkelsen. - The British East Greenland Expedition 1935-36. Leader L.R. Wager. The East Greenland Geological Expedition 1953. Leaders: L.R. Wager and W.A. Deer
    Classification: LC QE26.dk
    No RERO: R005112016