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    Neoliberal environments : false promises and unnatural consequences

    Heynen, Nik, 1973-
    London ; New York : Routledge
    Erreur de chargement
    Titre: Neoliberal environments : false promises and unnatural consequences / edited by Nik Heynen ... [et al.]
    Auteur: Heynen, Nik, 1973-
    Editeur: London ; New York : Routledge
    Date: 2007
    Collation: xi, 298 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
    Sujet LCSH: Conservation of natural resources - Natural resources -- Management - Neoliberalism - Privatization
    Contient: Introduction : false promises / Nik Heynen... [et al.] -- The last enclosure : resisting privatization of wildlife in the western United States / Paul Robbins and April Luginbuhl -- Privatizing conditions of production : trade agreements as neoliberal environmental governance / James McCarthy -- Dispossessing H20 : the contested terrain of water privatization / Erik Swyngedouw -- Neoliberalism in the oceans : "rationalization," property rights, and the commons question / Becky Mansfield -- Acts of enclosure : claim staking and land conversion in Guyana's gold fields / Gavin Bridge -- Enclosure and privatization of neoliberal environments / Nancy Lee Peluso -- Neoliberal primitive accumulation / Jim Glassman -- Neoliberalizing nature? : market environmentalism in water supply in England and Wales / Karen Bakker -- The neoliberalization of ecosystem services : wetland mitigation banking and the problem of measurement / Morgan M. Robertson -- Weak or strong multifunctionality? : agri-environmental resistance to neoliberal trade policies / Gail Hollander -- Re-regulating the urban water regime in neoliberal Toronto / Douglas Young and Roger Keil -- Neoliberalism and the regulation of "environment" / Neil Brenner and Nik Theodore -- Poisoning the well : neoliberalism and the contamination of municipal water in Walkerton, Ontario / Scott Prudham -- Un-real estate : proprietary space and public gardening / Nick Blomley -- Scalar dialectics in green : urban private property and the contradictions of the neoliberalization of nature / Nik Heynen and Harold A. Perkins -- Neoliberalism and environmental justice policy / Ryan Holifield -- Neoliberal governmentalities / Wendy Larner -- Neoliberal environments, technologies of governance and governance of technologies / Dianne Rocheleau -- A "continuous and ample supply" : sustained yield timber production in northern New Mexico / David Correia -- Neoliberalism and the struggle for land in Brazil / Wendy Wolford -- Enclosure and economic identity in New England fisheries / Kevin St. Martin -- Researching resistance in a time of neoliberal entanglements / Juanita Sundberg -- What might resistance to neo-liberalism consist of? / Michael Watts -- Neoliberal ecologies / Noel Castree -- Conclusion : unnatural consequences / Nik Heynen... [et al.]
    Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
    Classification: LC HC21
    Identifiant: 041577148X (hbk.) (ISBN); 0415771498 (pbk.) (ISBN); 9780415771481 (hbk.) (ISBN); 9780415771498 (pbk.) (ISBN); http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb41279703j (URN)
    No RERO: R005382345