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    William Morris and Music. Craftsman's Art?

    Heywood, Andrew
    The Musical Times, 1 October 1998, Vol.139(1864), pp.33-38
    Archival Journals (JSTOR)
    Titre: William Morris and Music. Craftsman's Art?
    Auteur: Heywood, Andrew
    Sujet: Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950) ; Musical Instruments ; Success ; Art ; Musicians & Conductors ; Socialism ; Musical Performances;
    Description: [...]he challenged Victorian evolutionary ideology and its consequent inability to see the past in its own terms, and thus helped to change the intellectual climate which in turn began to make possible a positive re-evaluation of the music of the past. [...]his acquaintanceship with George Bernard Shaw and Arnold Dolmetsch, both key figures in the development of changed attitudes to old music, gave Morris a direct influence during the early days of the early music revival which had positive results. In any case, Stansky's own view of Morris and music is guarded: `William Morris, although he enjoyed rousing songs and wrote poems to be set to music, particularly political ones, was not especially musical.'14 Nevertheless, as will be seen, Stansky has laid the useful foundations upon which a reappraisal of Morris's musical influence can be built. [...]a consensus has gradually developed that, while moderating the views of some of Morris's circle that he disliked music, has made little of his...
    Fait partie de: The Musical Times, 1 October 1998, Vol.139(1864), pp.33-38
    Identifiant: 00274666 (ISSN); 10.2307/1003466 (DOI)