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    The bacteriophage t7 virion undergoes extensive structural remodeling during infection

    Hu, Bo, Margolin, William, Molineux, Ian J, Liu, Jun
    Science (New York, N.Y.), 01 February 2013, Vol.339(6119), pp.576-9 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    The first soft-shelled turtle from the Jehol Biota of China

    Lia, Lu
    Joyce, Walter G, Liu, Jun
    Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. - 2015/35/2/e909450
    Titre: The first soft-shelled turtle from the Jehol Biota of China
    Auteur: Lia, Lu
    Contributeur: Joyce, Walter G; Liu, Jun
    Date: 2015-03-04
    Description: A new turtle from the Early Cretaceous (Aptian) Jiufotang Formation of western Liaoning, China, Perochelys lamadongensis, gen. et sp. nov., represents the first species of soft-shelled turtle from the Jehol Biota. The new taxon is diagnosed by the combination of the following characters: nuchal bone about five times wider than long; preneural absent; reversal of the orientation in the neural series at neural V; neural series fully separates costal series; costal VIIIs reduced; plastral callosities poorly developed and poorly sculpted; postorbital bar narrow, around one-fourth of orbit diameter; jugal contacting squamosal; foramen jugulare posterius separated from fenestra postotica; neural spines weakly developed on anterior cervicals; and phalangeal formula for pes 2-3-3-4-?. High levels of homoplasy make the phylogenetic relationships of the new taxon difficult to assess, and the possibility therefore exists that Perochelys lamadongensis either represents a stem or a crown trionychid. This phylogenetic uncertainty confirms that the skeletal morphology of trionychids has remained virtually unchanged for the last 120 million years.
    Publication en relation: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. - 2015/35/2/e909450
    Document hôte: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
    Identifiant: 10.1080/02724634.2014.909450 (DOI)

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    Dynamics of social health insurance development: Examining the determinants of Chinese basic health insurance coverage with panel data

    Liu, Jun-Qiang
    Social science & medicine (1982), August 2011, Vol.73(4), pp.550-558 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Inferring progression models for CGH data

    Liu, Jun
    Bandyopadhyay, Nirmalya, Ranka, Sanjay, Baudis, M, Kahveci, Tamer
    Bioinformatics. - 2009/25/17/2208-2215
    Titre: Inferring progression models for CGH data
    Auteur: Liu, Jun
    Contributeur: Bandyopadhyay, Nirmalya; Ranka, Sanjay; Baudis, M; Kahveci, Tamer
    Sujet: ORIGINAL PAPERS - Functional Genomics Center Zurich - Institute of Molecular Life Sciences - Institute of Molecular Cancer Research - Systems Biology / Functional Genomics
    Description: Motivation: One of the mutational processes that has been monitored genome-wide is the occurrence of regional DNA copy number alterations (CNAs), which may lead to deletion or over-expression of tumor suppressors or oncogenes, respectively. Understanding the relationship between CNAs and different cancer types is a fundamental problem in cancer studies. Results: This article develops an efficient method that can accurately model the progression of the cancer markers and reconstruct evolutionary relationship between multiple types of cancers using comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) data. Such modeling can lead to better understanding of the commonalities and differences between multiple cancer types and potential therapies. We have developed an automatic method to infer a graph model for the markers of multiple cancers from a large population of CGH data. Our method identifies highly related markers across different cancer types. It then builds a directed acyclic graph that shows the evolutionary history of these markers based on how common each marker is in different cancer types. We demonstrated the use of this model in determining the importance of markers in cancer evolution. We have also developed a new method to measure the evolutionary distance between different cancers based on their markers. This method employs the graph model we developed for the individual markers to measure the distance between pairs of cancers. We used this measure to create an evolutionary tree for multiple cancers. Our experiments on Progenetix database show that our markers are largely consistent to the reported hot-spot imbalances and most frequent imbalances. The results show that our distance measure can accurately reconstruct the evolutionary relationship between multiple cancer types. Availability: All the code developed in this article are available at http://bioinformatics.cise.ufl.edu/phylogeny.html. Contact: nirmalya@cise.ufl.edu; tamer@cise.ufl.edu Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online
    Publication en relation: Bioinformatics. - 2009/25/17/2208-2215
    Document hôte: Bioinformatics
    Identifiant: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btp365 (DOI)

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    Addressing the Grand Challenges in Energy Storage

    Liu, Jun
    Advanced Functional Materials, 25 February 2013, Vol.23(8), pp.924-928 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    Titre: Addressing the Grand Challenges in Energy Storage
    Auteur: Liu, Jun
    Sujet: Energy Storage ; Stationary ; Transportation ; Materials ; Electrochemistry ; Nanomaterials
    Fait partie de: Advanced Functional Materials, 25 February 2013, Vol.23(8), pp.924-928
    Identifiant: 1616-301X (ISSN); 1616-3028 (E-ISSN); 10.1002/adfm.201203058 (DOI)

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    Silver-catalyzed cascade cyclizationstannylation of o -alkynylaniline derivatives with 2-tributylstannylfuran: an efficient synthesis of (3-indolyl)stannanes

    Liu, Jun, Xie, Xin, Liu, Yuanhong
    Chemical Communications, 2013, Vol.49(100), pp.11794-11796 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    TESOL : a guide

    Liu, Jun
    Murphy, Cynthia
    London : Bloomsbury Academic
    Recherche de la disponibilité
    Erreur de chargement
    Titre: TESOL : a guide / Jun Liu and Cynthia M. Berger
    Auteur: Liu, Jun
    Contributeur: Murphy, Cynthia
    Editeur: London : Bloomsbury Academic
    Date: 2015
    Collation: xviii, 323 p.
    Collection: Bloomsbury companions
    Documents dans cette collection: Bloomsbury companions
    Sujet RERO: Anglais (langue) - Étude et enseignement - Allophones - Méthodologie
    Sujet LCSH: English language -- Ability testing - English language -- Study and teaching -- Foreign speakers - LANGUAGE ARTS and DISCIPLINES -- Linguistics -- General - LANGUAGE ARTS and DISCIPLINES -- Study and teaching - Test of English as a Foreign Language -- Evaluation
    Description: This book serves as a comprehensive reference resource for current and prospective English language teachers, students of TESOL, academics, and other professionals working within the field of Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL). As an essential single-volume resource, TESOL: A Guide explores TESOL in three dimensions: as a profession, as a field of study, and as an international association. In doing so, it offers a thorough summary of themes and issue relevant to TESOL's multiple dimensions, including a practical overview of the TESOL profession and a compendium of current TESOL research topics and methodologies. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of TESOL International Association, a key section of the book highlights the development of this association and features the reflections of several previous TESOL International Association presidents. Readers will also appreciate the extensive glossary and appendix of TESOL resources, both of which are designed to comprise a valuable and manageable guide for newcomers to the field, as well as for developing practitioners and researchers"
    Note: Includes bibliographical references and index
    Classification: BLE BC
    Identifiant: 9781441174796 (hardback) (ISBN); 9781474228664 (paperback) (ISBN)
    No RERO: R008834100

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    Utilizing Selenocysteine for Expressed Protein Ligation and Bioconjugations

    Liu, Jun, Chen, Qingqing, Rozovsky, Sharon
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 08 March 2017, Vol.139(9), pp.3430-3437 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Structural remodeling of bacteriophage T4 and host membranes during infection initiation

    Hu, Bo, Margolin, William, Molineux, Ian J, Liu, Jun
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 01 September 2015, Vol.112(35), pp.E4919-28 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Contribution of Selenocysteine to the Peroxidase Activity of Selenoprotein S

    Liu, Jun, Rozovsky, Sharon
    Biochemistry (Easton), 20 August 2013, Vol.52(33), pp.5514-5516 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]