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    Human-restricted bacterial pathogens block shedding of epithelial cells by stimulating integrin activation

    Muenzner, Petra, Bachmann, Verena, Zimmermann, Wolfgang, Hentschel, Jochen, Hauck, Christof R
    Science (New York, N.Y.), 03 September 2010, Vol.329(5996), pp.1197-201 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Origin of the Conformational Heterogeneity of Cardiolipin-Bound Cytochrome c

    Hong, Yuning, Muenzner, Julia, Grimm, Sebastian K, Pletneva, Ekaterina V
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 14 November 2012, Vol.134(45), pp.18713-18723 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Human-Restricted Bacterial Pathogens Block Shedding of Epithelial Cells by Stimulating Integrin Activation

    Muenzner , Petra, Bachmann , Verena, Zimmermann , Wolfgang, Hentschel , Jochen, Hauck , Christof R.
    Science, 2010, Vol.329(5996), pp.1197-1201 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    AGRIS (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
    Titre: Human-Restricted Bacterial Pathogens Block Shedding of Epithelial Cells by Stimulating Integrin Activation
    Auteur: Muenzner , Petra; Bachmann , Verena; Zimmermann , Wolfgang; Hentschel , Jochen; Hauck , Christof R.
    Sujet: Pathogenic Microorganisms -- Genetic Aspects ; Epithelial Cells -- Genetic Aspects ; Integrins -- Genetic Aspects;
    Description: Colonization of mucosal surfaces is the key initial step in most bacterial infections. One mechanism protecting the mucosa is the rapid shedding of epithelial cells, also termed exfoliation, but it is unclear how pathogens counteract this process. We found that carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)-binding bacteria colonized the urogenital tract of CEA transgenic mice, but not of wild-type mice, by suppressing exfoliation of mucosal cells. CEA binding triggered de novo expression of the transforming growth factor receptor CD105, changing focal adhesion composition and activating β₁ integrins. This manipulation of integrin inside-out signaling promotes efficient mucosal colonization and represents a potential target to prevent or cure bacterial infections. ; Includes references ; p. 1197-1201.
    Fait partie de: Science, 2010, Vol.329(5996), pp.1197-1201
    Identifiant: 0036-8075 (ISSN)

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    Multifaceted Effects of ATP on Cardiolipin-Bound Cytochrome c

    Snider, Erik J, Muenzner, Julia, Toffey, Jason R, Hong, Yuning, Pletneva, Ekaterina V
    Biochemistry (Easton), 12 February 2013, Vol.52(6), pp.993-995 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Becoming a Peroxidase: Cardiolipin-Induced Unfolding of Cytochrome c

    Muenzner, Julia, Toffey, Jason R, Hong, Yuning, Pletneva, Ekaterina V
    The journal of physical chemistry. B, 24 October 2013, Vol.117(42), pp.12878-12886 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Communication: Nonadditive dielectric susceptibility spectra of associating liquids

    Bierwirth, S. P., Münzner, P., Knapp, T. A., Gainaru, C., Böhmer, R.
    The Journal of Chemical Physics, 14 March 2017, Vol.146(10) [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    The surveillance of friends: MI5 and friendly aliens during the Second World War

    Münzner, Daniel
    The journal of intelligence history, 03 July 2014, Vol.13(2), pp.131-143 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    Taylor & Francis (Taylor & Francis Group)
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    Epileptiform activity interferes with proteolytic processing of Reelin required for dentate granule cell positioning

    Tinnes, Stefanie, Schäfer, Michael K. E., Flubacher, Armin, Münzner, Gert, Frotscher, Michael, Haas, Carola A.
    FASEB Journal, March 2011, Vol.25(3), pp.1002-1013 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Innate recognition by neutrophil granulocytes differs between Neisseria gonorrhoeae strains causing local or disseminating infections

    Roth, Alexandra, Mattheis, Corinna, Muenzner, Petra, Unemo, Magnus, Hauck, Christof R
    Infection and immunity, July 2013, Vol.81(7), pp.2358-70 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Adjusting the DNA Interaction and Anticancer Activity of Pt(II) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes by Steric Shielding of the Trans Leaving Group

    Muenzner, Julienne K, Rehm, Tobias, Biersack, Bernhard, Casini, Angela, De Graaf, Inge A M, Worawutputtapong, Pawida, Noor, Awal, Kempe, Rhett, Brabec, Viktor, Kasparkova, Jana, Schobert, Rainer
    Journal of medicinal chemistry, 13 August 2015, Vol.58(15), pp.6283-92 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]