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    Advances in visual methodology

    Pink, Sarah
    London : SAGE
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    Titre: Advances in visual methodology / edited by Sarah Pink
    Auteur: Pink, Sarah
    Editeur: London : SAGE
    Date: 2012
    Collation: 271 p. : ill.
    Sujet RERO: Perception visuelle - Méthodologie - Sciences sociales - Anthropologie visuelle
    Sujet RERO - forme: [Études diverses]
    Sujet LCSH: Visual sociology -- Research -- Methodology
    Contient: PART ONE: KEY DEVELOPMENTS AND ISSUES. 1. Advances in Visual Methodology: An Introduction / Sarah Pink. 2. Visual Ethics in a Contemporary Landscape / Andrew Clark. PART TWO: VISUAL PRACTICES AND VISUALING PRACTICE. 3. The Politics and Practices of Looking: CCTV Video and Domestic Kitchen Practices / Lydia Martens. 44. Video in Analytic Practice / Jon Hindmarsh and Dylan Tutt. 5. Virtual/Visual Ethnography: Methodological Crossroads at the Intersection of Visual and Internet Research / Elisenda Ardévol. PART THREE: NEW VISUAL SPATIALITIES. 6. Community Mapping as Auto-Ethno-Cartography / Cristina Grasseni. 7. Visual Ethnography and the Internet: Visuality, Virtuality and the Spatial Turn / Sarah Pink. 8. Geomedia-Based Methods and Visual Research. Exploring the Theoretical Tenets of the Localization and Visualization of Mediated Social Relations with Direct Visualization Techniques / Francesco Lapenta. PART FOUR: PUBLIC SCHOLARSHIP, ARTS AND VISUAL INTERVENTION. 9. Ethno-Mimesis and Participatory Arts / Maggie O'Neill. 10. Healing Mirrors: Body Arts and Ethnographic Methodologies / Christina Lammer. 11. Digital Technologies, Visual Research and the Non-Fiction Image / Roderick Coover with Pat Badani, Flavia Caviezel, Mark Marino, Nitin Sawhney, William Uricchio. PART FIVE: TOWARDS AN INTERDISCIPLINARY VISUAL METHODOLOGY? 12. An Anthropologist in the Film Archives: Interdisciplinary Approaches / Marcus Banks. 13. Visualizing Interior Worlds: Interdisciplinary Routes to Knowing / Susan Hogan and Sarah Pink. 14. Contemplating the State of Visual Research: An Assessment of Obstacles and Opportunities / Luc Pauwels.
    Description: 4e de couv.: This innovative book examines and introduces cutting edge visual methods in social research. It explores the development of visual methodology as a field of interdisciplinary and post-disciplinary practice spanning scholarly and applied concerns. Positioned at the innovative edge of theory and practice in contemporary visual research, Pink's engaging book goes beyond the methods, ideas and fields of practice outlined in existing texts and handbooks. This book examines: -how new theoretical and methodological engagements are developing and emerging in research practice; -the impact new approaches are having on the types of knowledge visual research produces and critiques; -the ways visual research intersects with new media; -and the implications for social and cultural research, scholarship and intervention. This book will be essential reading for any student or researcher thinking of using visual methods in their own research.
    Classification: LC HM500
    Identifiant: 9780857028488 (hbk.) £85.00 (ISBN); 9780857028495 (pbk.) £29.99 (ISBN)
    No RERO: R007085594