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    Chris Marker collection

    Marker, Chris, 1921-2012, Tailleur, Roger
    [London] : SODA Film + Art
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    Titre: Chris Marker collection
    Auteur: Marker, Chris, 1921-2012; Tailleur, Roger
    Editeur: [London] : SODA Film + Art
    Date: 2014
    Collation: 3 DVD-vidéo (134 min., 154 min., 80 min.) : noir-blanc et couleur + 1 livret (31 p.)
    Contient: DVD 1 : Sunday In Peking (Dimanche à Pékin, 1956, 22 min) ; Letter To Siberia (Lettre de Sibérie, 1958, 62 min) ; Description Of A Struggle (Description d'un combat, 1960, 60 min)
    DVD 2 : The Sixth Side Of The Pentagon (La Sixième face du Pentagone, 1968, 27 min) ; The Embassy (L'Ambassade, 1973, 20 min) ; Theory Of Sets (Théorie des ensembles, 1991, 11 min) ; Three Video Haikus (Trois Video Haikus, 1994, 3 min) ; Blue Helmet (Casque Bleu, 1996, 26 min) ; E-CLIP-SE (1999, 8min) ; The Case Of The Grinning Cat (Chats Perchés, 2004, 59min)
    Blu-ray : Sunday In Peking (Dimanche à Pékin, 1956, 22 min) ; Letter To Siberia (Lettre de Sibérie, 1958, 62 min)
    Description: This collection of Chris Marker films consists of three works that pre-date La Jetée, the featurette that firmly planted his name as a filmmaker, as well as a series of seven shorter films that span each decade of his career thereafter. These remarkable curios reveal much about him, his ideas and his visuality, as well as his take on the modern world from an artistic point-of-view - from China, Siberia and Israel in the 1950s to the pantagon, art collectives, cheshire cats, haikus and early new media.
    Note: Le 3ème DVD est au format Blu-ray - Realesed in conjuction with a major exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London, and with a new piece by writer and curator Chris Drake (Rediscovering Chris Marker), alongside a seminal early piece by Roger Tailleur (Markeriana : A scarcely critical description of the work of Chris Marker)
    Note: Collaborateurs : Chris Drake, Roger Tailleur
    No RERO: R008624569