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    Leaders and legacies in assyriology and Bible : the collected essays of David B. Weisberg

    Weisberg, David B
    Winona Lake, Ind. : Eisenbrauns
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    Titre: Leaders and legacies in assyriology and Bible : the collected essays of David B. Weisberg / David B. Weisberg
    Auteur: Weisberg, David B
    Editeur: Winona Lake, Ind. : Eisenbrauns
    Date: 2012
    Collation: xviii, 413 p.
    Sujet RERO: Assyriologie - Bible. AT - Irak
    Sujet LCSH: Assyriology - Bible. -- Old Testament -- History - Iraq -- Civilization -- To 634
    Contient: Jacob Wards off endangerment -- Wool and linen material in texts from the time of Nebuchadnezzar -- Character development in the Book of Ruth -- The rare accents of the twenty-one books -- Break in the middle of a verse : some observations on a Massoretic feature -- I.O. Lehman, HUC mss 951-981 from Kai Feng, and a purported link between China and Yemen -- Some observations on late Babylonian texts and rabbinic literature -- Visibility of the new moon in cuneiform and rabbinic sources -- "Feet of iron" in the Babylonian Talmud? -- Everyday life in the neo-Babylonian period : the integration of material and non-material culture -- A neo-Babylonian dialogue document -- A Mar Banutu text from the town of Hubat -- A neo-Babylonian temple report -- Pirquti or Sirkuti? : was Istar-ab-Ussur's freedom affirmed or was he re-enslaved? -- "Splendid truths" or "prodigious commotion"? : ancient near eastern texts and the study of the Bible -- A centennial review of Friedrich Delitzsch's "Babel und Bibel" lectures -- Delitzsch in context -- Babel und Bibel und Bias : how anti-Semitism distorted Friedrich Delitzsch's scholarship -- On reading archival texts : M. Jursa's comments to OIP 122 and the limits of criticism
    Loyalty and death : some ancient near eastern metaphors -- Zabaya, an early king of the Larsa dynasty -- Rib-Hadda's urgent tone : a note on EA 74:50 -- The length of the reign of Hallusu-Insusinak -- Esarhaddon and Egypt : a preliminary investigation -- A sale of property from the time of Esarhaddon, "king of lands" -- The neo-Babylonian empire -- The "antiquarian" interests of the neo-Babylonian kings -- Royal women of the neo-Babylonian period -- A "dinner at the palace" during Nebuchadnezzar's reign -- Notes on Nebuchadnezzar's 37th year -- Polytheism and politics : some comments on Nabonidus' foreign policy -- The impact of Assyriology on Biblical studies -- An old Babylonian forerunner to Summa Alu -- The R. Campbell Thompson tablets published by Ivan Lee Holt -- A guided tour through Babylonian history : cuneiform inscriptions in the Cincinnati Art Museum
    Note: Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
    Classification: ge-ulsa OC:MWEIS
    Identifiant: 9781575062303 (ISBN)
    No RERO: R007278995