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    Migration between Africa and Europe

    Beauchemin, Cris
    Cham, Switzerland : Springer
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    Titre: Migration between Africa and Europe / Cris Beauchemin, Editor
    Auteur: Beauchemin, Cris
    Editeur: Cham, Switzerland : Springer
    Date: 2018
    Collation: 453 p.
    Description: This volume examines migration between Africa and Europe, rather than just from Africa to Europe. Based on a unique socio-demographic survey carried out both in origin and destination countries (MAFE survey), it argues that return migration, circulation, and transnational practices are significant. Policy design must also take these factors into account.0Comparing in a systematic way three flows of African migrants (from Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana and Senegal), this study offers a new view on the patterns, determinants, and family and economic effects of migration. By comparing six European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK), it shows that the dynamics of migration differ greatly in new vs. old destination countries
    Note: Includes bibliogr. references
    Classification: neu-sfm Africa
    neu-sfm Emigration
    neu-sfm Europe
    neu-sfm Comparative analysis
    neu-sfm Family
    neu-sfm Congolese
    neu-sfm Ghanians
    neu-sfm Senegalese
    neu-sfm Transnationalism
    neu-sfm Country of origin
    neu-sfm Return migration
    Identifiant: 3319695681 (ISBN); 9783319695686 (ISBN)
    No RERO: R008858878