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    Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Functions in the Intestinal Caco-2/15 Cell Line (Mitochondrial Dysfunction)

    Taha, Rame, Seidman, Ernest, Mailhot, Genevieve, Boudreau, François, Gendron, Fernand-Pierre, Beaulieu, Jean-François, Ménard, Daniel, Delvin, Edgard, Amre, Devendra, Levy, Emile
    PLoS ONE, 2010, Vol.5(7), p.e11817 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    La beaute tragique: Mapping the Militarization of Spatial Cultural Consciousness

    Nechvatal, Joseph
    Leonardo, 2001, Vol.34(1), pp.27-29 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Incidence of Sarcoma Histotypes and Molecular Subtypes in a Prospective Epidemiological Study with Central Pathology Review and Molecular Testing.(Research Article)(Clinical report)

    Ducimetiere, Francoise, Lurkin, Antoine, Ranchere - Vince, Dominique, Decouvelaere, Anne - Valerie, Peoc'H, Michel, Istier, Luc, Chalabreysse, Philippe, Muller, Christine, Alberti, Laurent, Bringuier, Pierre - Paul, Scoazec, Jean - Yves, Schott, Anne - Marie, Bergeron, Christophe, Cellier, Dominic, Blay, Jean - Yves, Ray - Coquard, Isabelle
    PLoS ONE, August 3, 2011, Vol.6(8), p.e20294 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Neuropsychological functioning, age, and medication adherence in bipolar disorder.(Research Article)(Report)

    Correard, Nadia, Consoloni, Julia-Lou, Raust, Aurelie, Etain, Bruno, Guillot, Romain, Job, Sophie, Loftus, Josephine, Medecin, Isabelle, Bougerol, Thierry, Polosan, Mircea, Fredembach, Benjamin, Gard, Sebastien, M'Bailara, Katia, Kahn, Jean-Pierre, Roux, Paul, Homassel, Anne-Sophie, Carminati, Mathilde, Matos, Lucile, Olie, Emilie, Bellivier, Frank, Courtet, Philippe, Henry, Chantal, Leboyer, Marion, Azorin, Jean-Michel, Belzeaux, Raoul
    PLoS ONE, Sept 5, 2017, Vol.12(9), p.e0184313 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Fifty-eighth Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the History of Civilization (to October 1939--with special reference to cent. VIII to XIV inclusive)

    George Sarton, Frances Siegel,
    Isis, 01 April 1940, Vol.31(2), pp.491-608 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]

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    Ninety-Seventh Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and Its Cultural Influences (to January 1972)

    Neu, John
    Isis, 01 January 1972, Vol.63(5), pp.5-233 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]