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How fighting ends : a history of surrender / ed. by Holger Afflerbach ... [ et al.]

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How fighting ends : a history of surrender / ed. by Holger Afflerbach ... [ et al.]
Oxford : Oxford Univ. Press
473 p.
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Machine generated contents note: -- Introduction: -- Part I: No Quarter? The Beginnings of Surrender -- 1. No Surrender in Prehistoric Warfare Chapter, Laurence Keeley -- 2. Surrender in Ancient Greece, Paul Cartledge -- 3. Surrender in Ancient Rome, Loretana de Libero -- Part II: Learning to Surrender? The Middle Ages -- Introduction: Surrender in Medieval Times, Hans Henning Kortum -- 4. Surrender in Medieval Europe - An Indirect Approach, John Gillingham -- 5. Surrender and Capitulation in the Middle East in the Age of the Crusades, John France -- 6. Basil II the Bulgar-slayer and the blinding of 15,000 Bulgarians in 1014: mutilation and prisoners-of -war in the Middle Ages, Catherine Holmes -- Part III: The Developments of Rules and Regulations: Surrender in Early Modern Times -- Introduction: Honourable Surrender in Early Modern European History, John A. Lynn -- III.a. Surrender in Intercultural Wars -- 7. How Fighting ended in the Aztec Empire and its Surrender to the Europeans, Ross Hassig -- 8. Different Concepts of Surrender: William Campbell -- Surrender in the Northeastern Borderlands of Native America -- III.b.: Surrender in Early Modern Europe -- 9. Surrender in the Thirty-Years War, Lothar Hobelt -- 10. Surrender and the Laws of War in Western Europe, c. 1650-1783, John Childs -- 11. Rituals of Surrender in the American, Daniel Krebs -- War of Independence -- Part IV: A Question of Honour: Surrender in Sea Warfare -- 12. Surrender in Sea Warfare from Elizabethan to our own Times, Holger Afflerbach -- Part V: The Times of International Law: Surrender in Modern Wars -- Introduction: Hew Strachan: Surrender in Modern Warfare since the -- French Revolution -- V.a. The 19th Century -- 13. "Civilized, rational behaviour"? The Concept of Surrender in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1792-1815, Michael Broers -- 14. Robert E. Lee, the Army of Northern Virginia and Confederate Surrender, Joseph Glatthaar -- 15. Surrender in 19th Century Colonial Wars, Edward Spiers -- V.b. Surrender in World War I. -- 16. Methods of Individual Surrender in the Great War, Alan Kramer -- 17. By the book? Commanders surrendering in World War I, Dennis Showalter -- 18. The breaking point: Surrender 1918, Jay Winter -- Part VI: Unconditional Surrender? World War II -- Introduction: Gerhard Weinberg: Surrender in World War II -- VI a. 'Conventional' surrenders -- 19. French Surrender in 1940: Soldiers, Commanders, Civilians, Martin Alexander -- 20. The Issue of Surrender in the Malayan Campaign, 1941-1942, Mark Connelly -- 21. Neither Defeat nor Surrender: Italy's Change of Alliances in 1943, John Gooch -- VI b. Germany and Japan in World War II -- 22. German Soldiers and Surrender, 1945, John Zimmermann -- 23. Kamikaze Warfare in Imperial Japan's Existential Crisis, 1944-1945, Mordecai George Sheftall -- 24. The German surrender 1945, Richard Bessel -- Part VII: Our times: Asymmetric Wars - Endless Wars and No Surrender? -- 25. Kosovo, the Serbian Surrender and the Western Dilemma: achieving victories with low casualties, Michael Codner -- 26. How Fighting Ends - Asymmetric Wars, Terrorism, and Suicide Bombing, Audrey Kurth Cronin -- Conclusion -- Index
"Readership Scholars and students of international relations, especially those interested in military history, and strategic studies Short Description The history of surrender is one of the most neglected in the history of war, and yet it is vital to understanding not only how wars end but also how they are contained. This is a book with a chronological sweep that runs from the Stone Age to the present day, written by a team of truly distinguished scholars"--
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