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Relational formations of race : theory, method, and practice / edited by Natalia Molina, Daniel Martinez HoSang, and Ramón A. Gutiérrez…

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Relational formations of race : theory, method, and practice / edited by Natalia Molina, Daniel Martinez HoSang, and Ramón A. Gutiérrez
Oakland, California : University of California Press
366 p. : illustrations
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Introduction : toward a relational consciousness of race / Daniel Martinez HoSang and Natalia Molina -- Race as a relational theory : a roundtable discussion / George Lipsitz, Kelly Lytle Hernandez, and George Sánchez -- Examining Chicana/o history through a relational lens / Natalia Molina -- Entangled dispossessions : race and colonialism in the historical present / Alyosha Goldstein -- The relational revolutions of anti-racist formations / Roderick Ferguson -- How Palestine became important to American Indian Studies / Steven Salaita -- Uncle Tom was an Indian : tracing the red in black slavery / Tiya Miles -- "The whatever that survived" : thinking racialized immigration through blackness and the afterlife of slavery / Tiffany Willoughby-Herard -- Indians and Negroes in spite of themselves : Puerto Rican students at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School / Catherine S. Ramírez -- Relational racialization of settler colonial white supremacy : a historical case study of Japanese American World War II soldiers in the U.S. South / Jeffrey T. Yamashita -- Vietnamese refugees and Mexican immigrants : southern regional racialization in the late twentieth century / Perla M. Guerrero -- Green, blue, yellow, and red : the relational racialization of space in the Stockton metropolitan area / Raoul S. Lívanos -- Border-hopping Mexicans, law-abiding Asians, and racialized illegality : analyzing undocumented college students experiences through a relational lens / Laura E. Enriquez -- Racial arithmetic : ethnoracial politics in a relational key / Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz -- The relational positioning of Arab and Muslim Americans in post-9/11 racial politics / Julie Lee Merseth
"This book brings African-American, Chicanx/Latinx, Asian-American, and Native-American studies together in a single volume to consider the racialization and formation of subordinated groups in relation to one another. These essays conceptualize racialization as a dynamic and interactive process ; group-based racial constructions are formed not only in relation to whiteness, but also in relation to other devalued and marginalized groups. Each essay building on the next, chapters offer explicit guides to understanding race as relational across all disciplines, time periods, regions, and social groups. By studying race relationally, and through a shared context of meaning and power, students will draw connections among subordinated groups and will better comprehend the logic that underpins the forms of inclusion and dispossession such groups face. As the United States shifts toward a minority-majority nation, Relational Formations of Race offers crucial tools for understanding today's shifting race dynamics"--Provided by publisher
Includes bibliographical references and index
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