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Religion is Irrelevant in Sweden

Sweden is a highly secularized society when compared with most Western societies. Church attendance is 4 or 5% of the pop on an average Sunday; in Stockholm it is around 2%. Yet there is little popular hostility toward the Church & the clergy. The great majority of Swedes claim they would voluntarily join the Church if it were disestablished. The overwhelming majority of Swedes continue to be baptized, confirmed, married, & buried by the Church. The relatively high degree of secularism is explained by: (1) A long-term religious homogeneity which has prevented religion from becoming a focal point of soc diff'iation. (2) During the crucial period of early modernization, particularly the last 2 decades of the 19th cent, the Church & religion solidly aligned themselves with the old order & its traditional values, thereby alienating those segments of the society oriented toward modern values. (3) Empirical & positivist value orientations, & a pragmatic attitude toward norms & values (what is called 'nihilism of values* in Sweden) predominate in Swedish society. AA.
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Trans-action, 1968, Vol.6(2), pp.46-53
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