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    A new Ebola virus nonstructural glycoprotein expressed through RNA editing

    Mehedi, Masfique, Falzarano, Darryl, Seebach, Jochen, Hu, Xiaojie, Carpenter, Michael S, Schnittler, Hans-Joachim, Feldmann, Heinz
    Journal of virology, June 2011, Vol.85(11), pp.5406-14 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    MEDLINE/PubMed (U.S. National Library of Medicine)
    Titre: A new Ebola virus nonstructural glycoprotein expressed through RNA editing
    Auteur: Mehedi, Masfique; Falzarano, Darryl; Seebach, Jochen; Hu, Xiaojie; Carpenter, Michael S; Schnittler, Hans-Joachim; Feldmann, Heinz
    Sujet: Gene Expression Regulation, Viral ; RNA Editing ; Ebolavirus -- Genetics ; Glycoproteins -- Biosynthesis ; Membrane Glycoproteins -- Biosynthesis ; Viral Matrix Proteins -- Biosynthesis ; Viral Nonstructural Proteins -- Biosynthesis
    Description: Ebola virus (EBOV), an enveloped, single-stranded, negative-sense RNA virus, causes severe hemorrhagic fever in humans and nonhuman primates. The EBOV glycoprotein (GP) gene encodes the nonstructural soluble glycoprotein (sGP) but also produces the transmembrane glycoprotein (GP₁,₂) through transcriptional editing. A third GP gene product, a small soluble glycoprotein (ssGP), has long been postulated to be produced also as a result of transcriptional editing. To identify and characterize the expression of this new EBOV protein, we first analyzed the relative ratio of GP gene-derived transcripts produced during infection in vitro (in Vero E6 cells or Huh7 cells) and in vivo (in mice). The average percentages of transcripts encoding sGP, GP₁,₂, and ssGP were approximately 70, 25, and 5%, respectively, indicating that ssGP transcripts are indeed produced via transcriptional editing. N-terminal sequence similarity with sGP, the absence of distinguishing antibodies, and the abundance of sGP...
    Fait partie de: Journal of virology, June 2011, Vol.85(11), pp.5406-14
    Identifiant: 1098-5514 (E-ISSN); 21411529 Version (PMID); 10.1128/JVI.02190-10 (DOI)

    • Dissertation
    Titre: Petrogenetic study of glaucophane schists and associated rocks from the Ile de Groix, Brittany, France
    Auteur: Carpenter, Michael S. N
    Editeur: University of Oxford
    Date: 1976
    Sujet: Geology
    Description: The metamorphic rocks of the He de Groix are classified into four groups: (1) Aluminous schists; (2) Banded epidote schists; (3) Magnesian schists; (4) Massive metabasic schists, which are then subdivided on the basis of observed mineral paragenesis. Rocks of presumed igneous parentage (including the banded epidote schists, massive metabasic schists and some albitic aluminous schists) were selected for detailed chemical and mineralogical investigation, and twenty new whole rock analyses (major and trace elements) are given. Of the twenty analysed rocks, eight provided material for original microprobe analyses of the constituent minerals and sixteen were analysed for their Sr isotopic composition. Co-existing phengite, glaucophane, epidote and impure barroisite were separated from one of the analysed rocks (a glaucophanic eclogite) and used to obtain K-Ar and Rb-Sr (mineral isochron) radiometric ages. This dating work was supplemented by the inclusion of original K-Ar analyses...