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    A New Vision of Jewish History: The Early Historical Writings of Salo Baron

    Chazan, Robert
    AJS Review, 2015, Vol.39(1), pp.27-47 [Revue évaluée par les pairs]
    Cambridge University Press
    Titre: A New Vision of Jewish History: The Early Historical Writings of Salo Baron
    Auteur: Chazan, Robert
    Echelle: 2015
    Collection: 20150512
    Sujet: Religion ; History & Archaeology ; Women'S Studies;
    Description: While rejecting the traditional belief that Jewish fate was controlled by God, nineteenth- and early twentieth-century historians of the Jews maintained prior perceptions of post-70 Jewish history as a sequence of unmitigated disasters. Beginning in 1928, the young Salo Baron combatted this perspective on the Jewish past, which he dubbed “the lachrymose conception of Jewish history.” In his well-known 1928 essay “Ghetto and Emancipation” and more substantially in the 1937 edition of his Social and Religious History of the Jews , Baron vigorously rejected this view. In the process, he formulated a new periodization of the Jewish past and moved beyond the ideologically grounded and programmatic reconstruction of Jewish history to a rigorously descriptive portrayal of the multi-faceted Jewish historical experience. In so doing, Baron laid the foundations of the flourishing contemporary Jewish historiographic enterprise.
    Précédemment: 20152015050412
    Fait partie de: AJS Review, 2015, Vol.39(1), pp.27-47
    Classement: 201504
    Identifiant: 0364-0094 (ISSN); 1475-4541 (E-ISSN); 10.1017/S0364009414000634 (DOI)

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