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    Memoirs of a man of pleasure : Or the Adventures of Versorand

    La Solle, Henri-Fr. de
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    An alarm to unconverted sinners

    Alleine, Joseph, 1634-1668
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    Miscellanies, in verse and prose

    Jeffreys, George, 1678-1755
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    Objections to the war examined and refuted

    Friend to Peace
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    Hymns for New-Year's-Day

    Wesley, John, 1703-1791
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    Oberon, a poem : from the German of Wieland

    Wieland, Christoph Martin
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    Observations on the epidemical diseases in Minorca : From the year 1744, to 1749. To which is prefixed, a short account of the climate, Productions, Inhabitants, and Endemial Distempers, of that Island

    Cleghorn, George, 1716-1789
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    Medulla medicin? univers? : or, a new compendious dispensatory. Compiled at the Command of His Royal Highness the Duke, for the use of the military hospital abroad, during the late War. By the King's physicians and surgeons, the Surgeon-General, and Apothecary-General, to the Army. To which is added an English translation, with a Comment subjoined to each Prescription

    Theobald, John, ?-1760
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    On the much lamented death of the Marquis of Tavistock

    Anstey, Christopher, 1724-1805
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    A letter to His Grace the Duke of Grafton, first commissioner of His Majesty's treasury

    Wilkes, John, 1725-1797