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    Treasures III : social issues in American film, 1900-1934

    Simmon, Scott, Weber, Lois -
    National Film Preservation Foundation (Etats-Unis)
    San Francisco : National Film Preservation Foundation
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    Titre: Treasures III : social issues in American film, 1900-1934 / prod. by the National Film Preservation Foundation ; curators Scott Simmon & Martin Marks (music)
    Auteur: Simmon, Scott; Weber, Lois -
    Contributeur: National Film Preservation Foundation (Etats-Unis)
    Editeur: San Francisco : National Film Preservation Foundation
    Date: 2007
    Collation: 4 DVDs-vidéo (738 min.) : noir et blanc + 1 livre (XV, 173 p.)
    Sujet RERO: 1900-1934 - société (milieu humain) - Cinéma américain - Etats-Unis
    Sujet RERO - forme: [DVD vidéo] - [Anthologies]
    Contient: Audio commentary by 20 experts
    Program 1: The city reformed
    Program 2: New women
    Program 3: Toil and tyranny
    Program 4: Americans in the making
    Program 2: New Women : -The Kansas Saloon Smashers (1901, 1 min.), Carrie Nation swings her axe. -Why Mr. Nation Wants a Divorce (1901, 2 min.), role-reversal temperance spoof. -Trial Marriages (1907, 12 min.), male fantasy inspired by a feminist's proposal. -Manhattan Trade School for Girls (1911, 16 min.), profile of the celebrated progressive school for impoverished girls. -The Strong Arm Squad of the Future (ca. 1912, 1 min.), anti-suffragette cartoon. -A Lively Affair (ca. 1912, 7 min.), comedy with poker-playing women and child-caring men. -A Suffragette in Spite of Himself (1912, 8 min.), boys' prank results in an unwitting crusader. -On to Washington (1913, 80 sec.), news coverage of the historic suffragette march. -Hazards of Helen: Episode 13 (1915, 13 min.), Helen thwarts robbers and overcomes workplace discrimination. -Where Are My Children? (1916, 65 min.), provocative anti-abortion drama by Lois Weber. -The Courage of the Commonplace (1913, 13 min.), a young farm woman dreams of a better life. -Poor Mrs. Jones! (1926, 46 min.), why wives should stay on the farm. -Offers Herself as Bride for Dollars 10,000 (1931, 2 min.), novel approach to surviving the Depression.
    Auteur-titre: Weber, Lois. - Where are my children?
    Note: 48 movies that helped change America
    Identifiant: 9780974709949 (ISBN)
    No RERO: R004618841