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    • Livre

    Medieval illuminators and their methods of work

    Alexander, Jonathan James Graham
    New Haven ; London : Yale Univ. Press
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    Titre: Medieval illuminators and their methods of work / Jonathan J.G. Alexander
    Auteur: Alexander, Jonathan James Graham
    Editeur: New Haven ; London : Yale Univ. Press
    Date: 1992
    Collation: VII, 214 p. : ill. ; 29 cm
    Sujet RERO: enluminure - technique - Moyen âge - Europe
    Identifiant: 0300056893 (ISBN)
    No RERO: 1646617

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    Skriptorium : die Buchherstellung im Mittelalter

    Trost, Vera
    • Livre

    Handschriften und Miniaturen : das Buch vor Gutenberg

    Bologna, Giulia
    Augsburg : Bechtermünz
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    Titre: Handschriften und Miniaturen : das Buch vor Gutenberg / Giulia Bologna ; [Übers. aus dem Italienischen Annemarie Seling]
    Auteur: Bologna, Giulia
    Editeur: Augsburg : Bechtermünz
    Date: 1995
    Collation: 198 S. ; 32 cm
    Sujet RERO: manuscrit enluminé - Moyen âge - Enluminure européenne - Europe
    Note: Traduit de: Manoscriti e miniature : il libro prima di Gutenberg
    Identifiant: 3860471120 (ISBN)
    No RERO: 2295168

    • Livre

    Kalenderminiaturen der Stundenbücher : mittelalterliches Leben im Jahreslauf

    Hansen, Wilhelm
    München : Callwey
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    Titre: Kalenderminiaturen der Stundenbücher : mittelalterliches Leben im Jahreslauf / Wilhelm Hansen
    Auteur: Hansen, Wilhelm
    Editeur: München : Callwey
    Date: [1984]
    Collation: 292 S., zahlr. S. Taf. (schwarzweiss und farbig) ; 29 cm
    Sujet RERO: Enluminure - livre d'heures - 13e siècle-16e siècle - vie quotidienne - Moyen âge - Calendrier (chronologie) - Europe
    Sujet RERO - forme: [iconographie]
    Identifiant: 3766707086 (ISBN)
    No RERO: 0588559

    • Livre

    Books of hours reconsidered

    Hindman, Sandra, Marrow, James H, 1940-
    London : Harvey Miller
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    Titre: Books of hours reconsidered / ed. by Sandra Hindman and James H. Marrow
    Auteur: Hindman, Sandra; Marrow, James H, 1940-
    Editeur: London : Harvey Miller
    Date: 2013
    Collation: 532 p. : ill. en noir et en coul. ; 29 cm
    Collection: Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance art history ; [72]
    Documents dans cette collection: Studies in medieval and early Renaissance art history
    Sujet RERO: Livres d'heures - Manuscrits - Moyen âge - Enluminure - Liturgie - Europe
    Sujet RERO - forme: [Études diverses]
    Contient: Sandra Hindman: Introduction : state of the question. - The prehistory of books of hours and the growth of their modern-day appreciation (Adelaide Bennett: Some perspectives on the origins of books of hours in France in the thirteenth-century. - Christopher de Hamel: Books of hours and the art market from the seventeenth century to the present day. - Roger S. Wieck: The hours of Catherine of Cleves : the manuscript that changed the world). - Centers of production : England, Germany and Italy (Nigel Morgan: English books of hours c. 1240 - c. 1480. - Jeffrey Hamburger: Another perspective : the book of hours in Germany. - Francesca Manzari: Italian books of hours and prayer books in the fourteenth century). - Towards a history of use (Gregory T. Clark: Beyond saints : variant litany readings and the localization of late medieval manuscript books of hours, the case of the d'Orges hours. - Anne Korteweg: Books of hours from the Northern Netherlands reconsidered : the uses of Utrecht and Windesheim and Geert Grote's role as a translator). - Problems of workshops (Marc Gil: Picardie-Hainaut : quelques remarques sur les livres d'heures produits par le Maitre de Rambures et Simon Marmion. - Anne Margreet W. As-Vijvers: Manuscript production in a carmelite convent : the case of Cornelia von Wulfskercke. - Marie-Françoise Damongeot: La circulation des modèles iconographiques : l'exemple d'un livre d'heures parisien (BnF Ms N.a.l.3115). - Mara Hofmann: Matteo de Milano between Ferrara and Rome : the hours of Dionora of Urbino (London, British Library, Yates Thompson 7). - Saskia von Bergen: The use of stamps in Bruges book production. - Eberhard König: Twins in attribution : a new fashion or a means to better understanding ? The case of the Grandes Heures de Rohan). - Cycles of illustration and their texts (James Marrow: Superimposed cycles of marginal illustration in late medieval horæ : function and history. - Klara H. Broekhuijsen: Decoration programmes in books of hours by the Masters of the Dark Eyes. - Bronwyn Stocks: Devotional emphasis and distinctive variations in the illustration of the hours of the Virgin in Italian books of hours). - Books of hours in the age of print (Todor Petev: A group of hybrid manuscripts illustrated with woodcuts from Antwerp. - Thierry Claerr: L'édition d'heures du 21 avril 1505, une œuvre charnière dans la production de Thielman Kerver ? - Ariane Bergeron-Foote: De la fortune de quatre bois gravés : de Paris 1519 à Rouen c. 1593. - Elizabeth A.R. Brown: The devotional books of Claude Gouffier : the Morgan Hours (New York, Morgan Library and Museum, M. 538). - Mary et Richard Rouse: Post-mortem inventories as a source for the production of manuscripts and printed books of hours)
    Identifiant: 9781905375943 : € 150.- (ISBN)
    No RERO: R007634468

    • Livre

    Toward a global Middle Ages : encountering the world through illuminated manuscripts

    Keene, Bryan C
    Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum
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    Titre: Toward a global Middle Ages : encountering the world through illuminated manuscripts / edited by Bryan C. Keene
    Auteur: Keene, Bryan C
    Editeur: Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum
    Date: 2019
    Collation: ix, 285 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
    Sujet RERO: Manuscrits à peintures - Enluminure - Moyen âge - Manuscrits médiévaux - Europe - Asie - Afrique - Amérique du sud
    Sujet RERO - forme: [Études diverses] - [Ouvrages illustrés]
    Contient: Timothy Potts: Director's foreword. - Bryan C. Keene: Prologue. - Bryan C. Keene: Introduction : manuscripts and their outlook on the world. - Morgan Conger: A timeline for a global Middle Ages : linear time and modes of remembering the past. - Bryan C. Keene: Glimpsing a global Middle Ages. - Jerry Brotton: World views and the map makers' craft. - Alka Patel: Stories and pictures from all the world : south asian book arts from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries. - Byron Ellsworth Hamann: The Middle Ages, Middle America, and the book. - Suzanne Conklin Akbari: Where is medieval Ethiopia? mapping ethiopic studies within medieval studies. - Alex J. West: Manuscripts and the medieval tropics. - Asa Simon Mittman: Case study : mapping global Middle Ages. - Bryan C. Keene: The intermediality of "the book" : bound, rolled, and folded textual objects. - J. Soren Edgren: Buddhist illuminated manuscripts in East Asia. - Eyob Derillo: Case study : traveling medicine : medieval ethiopian amulet scrolls and practitioners' handbooks. - Megan E. O'Neil: The painter's line on paper and clay : Maya codices and codex-style vessels from the seventh to the sixteenth centuries. - Sussan Babaie: Case study : missionary effects and messianic aspirations at the court of Shah 'Abbas I. - Sylvie L. Merian: Reproducing the Resurrection : from european prints to armenian manuscripts. - Bryan C. Keene: Identity : finding one's place in the medieval world. - Roland Betancourt: Imperial brutality : racial difference and the intersectionality of the ethiopian eunuch. - Kristen Collins et Bryan C. Keene: Case study : mobilizing the collection : teaching beyond the (medieval) canon with museum objects. - Pamela A. Patton: Color, culture, and the making of difference in the Vidal Mayor. - Kaiqi Hua: Case study : horses, arrows, and trebuchets : picturing the mongol military campaign in Eurasia. - Mark Cruse: Novelty and diversity in illustrations of Marco Polo's "Description of the World". - Alexandra Kaczenski: Case study : visualizing byzantine and islamic devotional objects in two fifteenth-century francophone manuscripts. - Bryan C. Keene: Itineraries from the Atlantic to the Pacific : travel, circulation, and exchange. - Jill Caskey: Transplants and transformations in a global Middle Ages. - Michelle H. Craig: Case study : manuscripts, faith, and trade across the medieval Sahara. - Tushara Bindu Gude: Narrative shifts : the life of the Buddha in palm-leaf manuscripts. - Elizabeth A. Eisenberg et Melanie Holcomb: Traveling off the page : bringing the voyage to life in hebrew poetry and paintings. - Rheagan Eric Martin: Case study : peregrinations of parchment and pewter : manuscripts and mental pilgrimage. - James Cuno: Epilogue : global history and the art museum
    Identifiant: 9781606065983 : usd 60.- (ISBN)
    No RERO: R008935860

    • Livre

    The art of illuminating as practised in Europe from the earliest times

    Tymms, William Robert
    Wyatt, Matthew Digby
    London : Day
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    Titre: The art of illuminating as practised in Europe from the earliest times / illustrated...by W.R. Tymms ; with an essay...by M.D. Wyatt
    Auteur: Tymms, William Robert
    Contributeur: Wyatt, Matthew Digby
    Editeur: London : Day
    Date: [1860]
    Collation: 96 p., XCV f. de pl. ; 25 cm
    Sujet RERO: lettre ornée - Moyen âge - Manuscrits - Enluminure européenne - Europe
    Sujet RERO - forme: [Répertoires]
    No RERO: 0437836

    • Plusieurs versions

    Iconographie médiévale : image, texte, contexte

    Duchet-Suchaux, Gaston
    • Livre

    L'art de Transcaucasie

    Dézélus, Robert
    Vienne : Ed. Méchithariste
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    Titre: L'art de Transcaucasie / Robert Dézélus
    Auteur: Dézélus, Robert
    Editeur: Vienne : Ed. Méchithariste
    Date: [1989]
    Collation: 368 p
    Sujet RERO: Art arménien - 6e siècle av. J.-C.-18e siècle - Architecture arménienne - architecture arménienne - diffusion - 6e siècle-16e siècle - 4e siècle-17e siècle - Enluminure arménienne - 10e siècle-17e siècle - Archéologie - Khatchkars - Europe - Caucase - Ourartou (royaume)
    No RERO: 2031298

    • Livre

    Trésors du Moyen Age : ivoires, orfèvreries, enluminures, Ve-XIVe siècles

    Castelfranchi Vegas, Liana
    Paris : Impr. nationale éd.
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    Titre: Trésors du Moyen Age : ivoires, orfèvreries, enluminures, Ve-XIVe siècles / Liana Castelfranchi Vegas
    Auteur: Castelfranchi Vegas, Liana
    Editeur: Paris : Impr. nationale éd.
    Date: 2005
    Collation: 239 p. : ill. ; 31 cm
    Sujet RERO: Ivoires - trésor - 5e siècle-14e siècle - Orfèvrerie - Moyen âge - Enluminure européenne - Europe
    Identifiant: 2743305525 (ISBN)
    No RERO: R003881230