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    La bible enfin expliquée : par plusieurs aumoniers. De S. M. L. R. D. P.

    Voltaire, 1694-1778
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    A review and defence of Two dissertations concerning the etymology and scripture-meaning of the Hebrew words Elohim and Berith

    Sharp, Thomas, 1693-1758
    • Plusieurs versions

    Morsels of criticism : tending to illustrate some few passages in the Holy Scriptures, upon philosophical principles and an enlarged view of things

    King, Edward, ca. 1735-1807
    • Plusieurs versions

    A key to the Old Testament and Apocrypha : OR AN Account Of Their Several Books, Their Contents And Authors, And Of The Times In Which They Were Respectively Written

    Gray, Robert, 1762-1834
    • Plusieurs versions

    The sublime and beautiful of scripture : being essays on select passages of sacred composition

    Pratt, Samuel Jackson
    • Plusieurs versions

    Two dissertations : the first on the tree of life in Paradise, With some Observations on The Creation and Fall of Man; the second on the oblations of Cain and Abel

    Kennicott, Benjamin, 1718-1783
    • Plusieurs versions

    Elihu or an enquiry into the principal scope and design of the Book of Job

    Hodges, Walter, 1695-1757
    • Plusieurs versions

    Remarks upon several passages of Scripture : rectifying some errors in the printed Hebrew text; pointing out Several Mistakes in the Versions; and shewing The Benefit and Expediency of a more correct and intelligible Translation of the Bible

    Pilkington, Matthew, 1705-1765
    • Plusieurs versions

    The broken cistern, and the springing well : Or, The Difference between Head Notions, and Heart Religion; Vain Jangling, and Sound Doctrine. Addressed to the Rev. John Ryland, Senior, at Enfield

    Huntington, William, 1745-1813
    • Plusieurs versions

    The doubts of the infidels : or, queries relative to scriptural inconsistencies and contradictions. Submitted to the consideration of the bench of bishops

    Nicholson, William, 1753-1815